Salzburg (english)


Salzburg, perhaps, is known to everybody who in childhood became familiar with the classic music and attended the music school.

Just there I have heard for the first time the name of this town.

After all, Salzburg is Mozart's motherland.

And also the motherland of the fantastic delicious candies, aesthetic liqueur and other souvenirs marked by the figure of the great musician.

My acquaintance with Salzburg has begun in the wonderful winter morning with breakfast in the Hotel Heffterhof.

The breath-taking mountain view and perfect interior - laconic, modern, very energetic were served together with the aromatic coffee, fresh buns, different cheese and sausage.

One of the main advantages of this hotel is the perfect location.

It is situated in the quiet residential area, at that, within walking distance of the center of Salzburg.

There is a bus station opposite to the hotel but I prefer to walk.

It was a lucky break and I could get to know Cornelia Kogler - the director of the Hotel Hefftethof.
Also I heard the hotel history, asked about the city and best places, which is necessary to visit.

What to see in Salzburg

1) As the majority of the tourists when I arrived for the first time in Salzburg, I began with the Mirabell Palace. This makes me giddy because this palace is really great and elegant.

In winter, of course, it doesn't impress so much and I will return back in summer, surely.

2) And in summer you should to visit the country Hellbrunn Palace to see the unique show - the theatre of the mechanical dolls, which move around thanks to the water and demonstrate the scenes of the medieval life.


3) The next waypoint became the Mozart Residence.

It doesn't exteriorly stand out from any other building.

But inside it is absolutely uncommunicable energetics!

The interior design items, his goods and chattels, walls, which remember the music of Mozart in his own performance!
Ticket is €11. You can buy ticket to both Mozart Museum for €18.


Address: Makartpl. 8
Open: from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm


Address: Makartpl. 8

Open: from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

4) I always try to visit the panoramic area in each city.

In Salzburg I had to climb the Kapuzinerberg for this purpose and I have overcome 250 rundles!

But the panoramic view of the historical part of Salzburg was worth the cost!

The Kapuzinerberg lies to the right of the River Salzach.


5) There is one more panoramic area in Salzburg. Hohensalzburg Fortress is situated on the Festungsberg hill to the left side of the River Salzach at an altitude of 506 m.
You can take the funicular from the Salzburg historic district straight up to the fortress.


Address: Mönchsberg 34
Open: from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
Funicular ticket with entrance to the fortress is €12.

6) After Hohensalzburg passing by the candy store Schatz Konditorei in the historical center of Salzburg I have noticed the collection of peoples purchasing the handmade cakes and candies.

The cozy ancient interior, sweetness and hot coffee fascinated me!

7) By the way, do you know that Austria and, in particular, Salzburg are not only Mozart but also the famous Sachertorte.

And the city is similar to the magic musical box:

in the highlighted shop windows there are the different souvenirs, national costumes, Mozart images, arts and crafts items and shining fashionable boutiques!

It smells here of chocolate, waffles, mulled wine and grill.
If you want to buy the Mozart-chocolate I recommend to do it in SPAR or BILLA. This would save your money than if you buy this chocolate in souvenir shops.

8) One another obligatory place of my list to visit is Hangar 7 with Red Bull aeroplanes, hydroplanes, race cars of FIA Formula One World Championship.

It is situated in the clear glass building that the flecks of sun reflect in the polished sides of the high-speed technical devices.
But I visited Hangar 7 in the evening and it was really amazing!

By the way, the perfect place for dinner will be the Michelin restaurant situated here.

9) But as I have turned out to be in Austria the choice of the restaurant for dinner was for the local cuisine in the real biergarten.

The restaurant S'Kloane Brauhaus is situated near the pedestrial street Linzer Gasse.

Here everything is very Bavarian: and the interior, and the huge portions of the delicious meat, and the beer of the own production, and the clutters in the big halls, and the ceramic beer mugs.

Just in half an hour I had a feeling that I knew everybody here and it was not thanks to the beer but thanks to the unstudied friendly atmosphere.



When I fell asleep in the hotel Heffterhof, I thought that Salzburg was the perfect combination of the German regularity, Austrian pomposity and Czech boldness and fun.

I will surely return back because one day is not enough to see Salzburg.