Ljubljana (eng)


I saw a lot of capitals of Europe and I wanted to see another Europe - chamber, hospitable, such capital where you want to walk having put on the house slippers.


The embodiment of such comfort for me became Ljubljana.

It is a touching, little capital of Slovenia.

I stayed at hotel Galleria (Gornji trg 3). It is a real discovery for the esthete and lover of the antique! The arched ceilings and antique furniture, crystal chandeliers and massive tables, open fire and the main salt of the hotel is a little but picturesque garden where you may drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Also, I was enjoying a stylish and modern room, and the perfect hotel location - in the center of the old city. 

See more photos here.

What to see in Ljubljana

After breakfast, I demanded the man at the reception desk the city map and he told me what I obligatory needed to visit.

Fortunately, it is possible to tramp a little Ljubljana during few hours!

1) I have begun with the famous square Mestni Trg. The souvenir shops, tiny cafe, expensive boutiques - to walk through the old square is a real pleasure!

2) When I choose the souvenirs for friends, I asked the owner of the souvenir store, why the dragon was represented at the most magnets and postcards? It emerged that this is a symbol of the Slovenian capital.  As per the legend, it was here where Jason from the stories of ancient Greece about the Argonaut gained a victory over the dragon. But in Slovenia the dragon is not an evil character but the protector of the local citizens. The dragon statues decorate the famous Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most).

3) Another significant place of Ljubljana it is a so-called "Triple bridge": from one point three bridges are threw semicircularly over the far side of the river Ljubljanica.

4) When I made few photos and when I tossed the coin in the river to return back, I came in Ljubljanski Grad (Ljubljana Castle).

You may come to the fortress on foot or at the funicular. I chose the second way.
The cost of the visit of Ljubljanski Grad is 10 EUR.  Funicular ticket is 4 EUR.
You can buy tickets online here.


In spite of the considerable age of the fortress, grad struck me by the purity and regularity. 

After wandering for some time the castle and purchasing the nice items of the Slovenian folk craft (particularly, the overware and earthenware touched me), I felt that it was the time to have a bite. 

5) The best place for lunch or dinner is the Restavracija Strelec (Grajska planota 1)  - the building with unusual interior and spectacular panoramic views. At first glance, the walls seems decorated either the naive children's drafts or ancient rock painting. But as it turned out, these are the plots of Slovenian fairy tales. 
The Restavracija Strelec is located in Ljubljana Castle's picturesque Shooters' Tower.

The restaurant enjoyed me by authentic historical ambience and top-quality Slovenian cuisine and unconventional 'castle dishes', created by Igor Jagodic, recognised as one of the top three chefs in Slovenia.


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday from 12 pm till 10 pm
Sunday and public holiday closed.
I recommend to book your table in advance (+386 31 687 648)

Also I recommend to visit other restaurants and cafes of Kaval Group:

MACJA KAVARNICA — Tomšičeva, 1,

LOLITA — Cankarjevo nabrežje, 1, 

SPICA — Gruberjevo nabrežje, 

FAVOLA — Dunajska cesta, 129, 

ANGEL — Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 33.

6) After walking through the grad in Ljubljana, I visited other sights of the capital - Town hall, I passed by the Franciscan Church, St Nicholas' Church and famous Gallery of Modern Art. Ljubljana, in spite of enough tiny sizes, is a real paradise for those who love the museums. Here there are the archaeological expositions, art galleries, technical museums, museum of the illusions, house of the experiments, etc. 


7)  Then I went to nice well-attended Tivoli park created in XIX century when Ljubljana was a French province. The park really resembles Paris - statues, fountains, floral compositions, alleys, lake. Tivoli is attractive at any time.


8) My own day I decided to finish by the promenade through the old town. It was amazing!