Hotels at Disneyland


Disneyland is a cherished dream not only of the most part of children but also of the majority of adults.


After all, who of us doesn't want to look aside the boring weekdays not for long and to plunge into the fairy tale, to believe in miracles? For me the trip in Disneyland is not less effective "overcharge" than the trip to SPA or beach.

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What is the best place to stay near Disneyland?

If the Disneyland is your main trip purpose, then you should stay not in Paris but near to the park, of course. In a different way, after as it is eventful day you need to survive enough wearing journey in a taxi.

Moreover, it is impossible to look round all the Park during only one day. It is necessary to return back two-three times. That is why it is worth to minimize your transfers according to the schedule - hotel - Disneyland - hotel.

Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland ® Paris

The hotel № 1 is in my own top list. 
Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland ® Paris is styled on the European castle, not so pompous, but very huge and safe.

The restaurant is similar to the chivalric hall for banquet. In the hotel rooms there are velvet banners with fleur-de-lis on walls.

There are thrones everywhere.

There are SPA and swimming pool in the hotel. It is very important for me to relax after long ramblings when I go on a journey. SPA and swimming pool in the Dream Castle are invaluable for me.

Also, there is a possibility to slip in a convenient large bed, to take a bath with delicious cosmetic doings of the brand L’Occitane and in the morning to drink leisurely a cup of coffee facing the own hotel park.

The hotel suggest 4 rooms categories:

- Double rooms (approx. 25m2);

- Double queen rooms with two queen-size beds (approx. 44m2);

- Family rooms (for 4 people);
- Different categories of Suites (between 54 and 200m2 in size).

Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland ® Paris

Vienna House has one more perfect hotel near the Disneyland - Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland ® Paris.

It creates fairy tale and holiday atmosphere, which you may feel not only in Disneyland but in the hotel too.

Imagine: the interiors remind the old circus with vermeil coulisse, flood of light, carousel, sideshows. The workers have their uniforms as majorette. And what wonderful interiors are in the hotel rooms! 


The hotel suggest 4 rooms categories: 

- King rooms (approx. 25m2);

- Double queen rooms with two queen-size beds; 

- Family rooms (for 2 adults and 2 children), larger families can be accommodated in two family rooms with interconnecting doors;
- Suites with double bed and a bunk bed or two double bed in a separate room.

The hotels are created for such people as I am: who loves a good food, spacious rooms, soft snow-white bathrobes and perfect service.

Both hotels are created for the families with children: the interests of little guests are considered in the room furnishing and at the menu, and in the additional entertainments.


The breakfast and dinner are very varied, rich and tasty.
Breakfast 7.00 am - 11.00 am
Dinner 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Bar 11.00 am - midnight

There are kettles, fast WiFi and that is very important is an ideal sound insulation in all hotel rooms. In spite of very large quantity of guests, I didn't hear not a sound in my room though I have usually a light sleep.

It is very convenient to reach Disneyland from these hotels. There is a free shuttle. It takes ten minutes to get to the park.

And if you travel by car, in a hotel's territory there is a big free parking.


I grade these hotels as "excellent" and I recommend it to visit!


Vienna House Magic Circus at Disneyland ® Paris

20 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, 77703 Marne-la-Vallee - Paris, France +33 164 63 3737

Vienna House Dream Castle at Disneyland ® Paris
40 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, 77703 Marne-la-Vallée, France +33 1 64 17 90 00