One Day in Stockholm


8 Best Things to do in Stockholm in one day

As my trip was organized the day before departure, so I had no time to study the guides.


At breakfast in the cafe I got talking to a local girl who quickly found a map for me and pointed out places to visit.


I have to say that the ABBA Museum, Aquarium, Amusement Park, Carlson and subway weren’t in my plans. I wanted to walk around the city and feel its atmosphere.


Old town Gamla stan

A walk in Stockholm I started with the Old town.

Cozy small streets, colourful houses, plenty of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops create a unique atmosphere of this Northern city.

In the Old town you can visit:


The Nobel Museum,

The Big Square,

A lot of different churches - Finnish, German, St. Nicholas,

The Riksdag building,

The Royal coin Cabinet,

And also:

The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Incidentally, the Royal Palace of Stockolm is official residence of the King of Sweden.


The Royal Chapel

In the southern part of the Royal Palace, facing the street Slottsbacken located the Royal Chapel.


The narrowest street of Stockholm

On the way from the Royal Palace towards Södermalm you can look at the narrowest street in Stockholm - Mårten Trotzigs gränd.


It is not the most picturesque place but you can walk down the street to the bridge.


Södermalm is an area of Stockholm in the central part of the city located on the eponymous island. That's where I went on foot after visiting the Old Town.

The best view of Stockholm.

The most beautiful view of Stockholm you can find on the Södermalm island.

On the recommendation of a local girl I went to the most popular place of Stockholm - cafe and restaurant "Gondolen" (Stadsgården 6).
Here you can take a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Monteliusvägen, Stockholm

After "Gondolen" I went to see one more panoramic area "Monteliusvägen", which stretches along the coast for a few meters.
It is easy to find by the signs.

What kind of gift you can bring from Sweden.

Of course, elk souvenirs as the most beloved animal of Sweden!

In every souvenir shop you can find a lot of elk souvenirs: T-shirts, caps, mugs, magnets, cards, toys and even cookie cutters shaped like an elk.


Why elk is the main symbol of Sweden?

As a result of hunting by the XIX century in Sweden, the elk was on the verge of extinction. And to keep the population were taken measures for the protection of these animals resulting in a large number elks throughout Sweden nowadays. That’s why in the country there is a traditional road sign warning motorists about a possible meeting with the elks. These signs are quite popular on magnets and postcards.