Domaine de Biar

If you prefer to relax royally, enjoy the peace, tranquility, nature, then the best place with the perfect combination of the highest service, comfort and coziness is Domaine de Biar. Perfect location — just half an hour from the city center and Montpellier Airport. This hotel is a great place for those who value their time and love comfort.

Domaine de Biar is a place with a rich history and beautiful architecture.

Louis XV transferred this estate to his treasurer, Baron Bonnier de la Masson. For a long time, the royal subjects enjoyed the beauty of this place, and more recently, Bertrand Schmitt opened this place for tourists. In 2007, an abandoned castle and gardens amazed Schmitt, and he restored it all taking into account history and the environment. Vineyards were preserved, thoroughbred horses were purchased.

Walking around the hotel and watching the snow-white horses from the windows of your room, you feel like in a fairy tale.

For guests of the castle, they offer a walk and various activities with horse - this is a great opportunity to relax and be filled with inspiration.

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Domaine de Biar has several conference rooms, guest rooms, beautiful green areas and luxurious interiors. This is a great place to relax and conduct trainings, conferences.

Domaine de Biar will be a great venue for the wedding ceremony: a royal castle with luxurious apartments, green gardens, snow-white horses, French cuisine and special apartments for honeymooners. This is a unique opportunity to make a wedding celebration the best event in your life!

The castle has 7 guest rooms, all of them are made in a different style and are equipped for a comfortable stay. You can stay in a room that suits your taste best - each hotel room is unique and has a beautiful view from the window. A detailed description and photos of rooms and apartments can be found on the official website:

I was fortunate enough to stay in the Tyson room - the room is named after the stallion from Biar Estate. The interior of this room combines wood and metal, style and perfection. Rest in this room allows you to enjoy royal luxury. The room is located on the second floor of the castle and conveys the elegance and majesty.

Just imagine what a pleasure is to wake up here and open the window in the morning enjoying a breathtaking view of the park!

Caring for vacationers is manifested in the use in the kitchen of only environmentally friendly vegetables, fruits and berries - all this are grown here. There is water filtration systems installed as well. The cuisine offered by the chef will delight the most sophisticated gourmet. The restaurant menu changes depends on a season because of local vegetables.

The breakfast room is decorated in calm warm colors. During warmer months, breakfast and dinner are served on the terrace. But inside there is a very cozy and stylish space that allows you to enjoy the time spent here.

Breakfast at Domaine de Biar is prepared by the cook with great warmth - this is noticeable in every detail, in the presentation of dishes, in communication and atmosphere. This makes your stay at Domaine de Biar even more soulful and unique!

In addition, Domaine de Biar offers to visit the Hammam located in the building, a swimming pool in the courtyard, and a relaxing massage as well.

A visit to the Hammam is included in the price. A massage must be booked the day before (for a fee).

Domaine de Biar

Chemin de Biar, 
34880 Lavérune, Montpellier Métropole
+33 4 67 65 70 06